When a critical incident happens, it is not only important to inform the people who are in the epicentre of the events, but also all responsible parties who must take actions in order to prevent or to reduce the impact of it. Streamlining and automating this process is vital. Our specialists have passed trainings to offer your business or organisation full support in selecting the right software and hardware solution for your specific needs and based on your legacy communication equipment. 


Areas of expertise include: 

  • Consulting in regards to automation and streamlining of processes;
  • Design of digital alarming solutions; 
    • Site survey;
    • Legacy equipment auditing; 
    • Scaling of solution;
  • Delivery of specialised hardware and software; 
  • Upgrade of existing legacy equipment if required; 
  • Installation of digital alarm server hardware; 
  • Integration of digital alarm server to legacy communications equipment;
  • Installation of specialised digital alarm server software;
  • Commissioning of digital alarm server equipment; 
  • Maintenance of digital alarm server hardware;
  • Software support for digital alarm servers;