Preventive maintenance is important for extending the life of your equipment and have optimised workflow of your overall systems. Its major goal is to establish a consistent practice and processes, which are designed to improve the performance of the installed equipment base, without interrupting its day-to-day operations. It helps reducing the downtime and major breakdowns. Our team of trained engineers will help you plan and prepare a plan for corrective maintenance based on your individual needs and install base. 


Some of the major benefits of preventive maintenance:

  • System downtime is decreased;
  • The number of major repairs are reduced
  • Increase of lifetime of equipment;
  • Optimised performance of the overall system;
  • Reduced cost for maintenance (planned instead of emergency);
  • No urgency for spare parts;
  • Reporting on performance of the system, problems and faults;

We can offer: 

  • Trained teams to perform the preventive maintenance;
  • Planning for execution according to operational needs of the customer;
  • On-site visits;
  • Cable routes, routine checks & visits;
  • Spare parts management;
  • Monitoring & event management; 
  • Database management;
  • Analysis and reporting;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Upgrades;