Over the years the IT has changed to provide Simplified services to the Business, while the main focus is on the Cost Reduction. To cover the ever-growing expectations the modern Data Center has to evolve and put to use Virtualized computers, shift from standard hard drives to solid-state drives, etc.

We cover all emerging trends to respond to the requirement challenges as we assure Resiliency and Availability as well as Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

To do so we use a complex set of technologies with increased performance because of automation and orchestration.

We can transform your Data Centre and align it to the Business needs with careful planning in both hardware and software matters.



  • Rack Layout planning and placement;
  • Cable organisation;
  • Network devises configuration;
  • Security Appliances configuration;
  • Rackmount and Standalone servers installation;
  • Building Storage Area Networks (SAN);
  • Backup devices configuration;
  • Software Related:
    • Cloud and Virtualization;
    • Linux and Windows administration;
    • Scripting;
    • Database management;
    • Firewall and security services;
    • Backup and Restore;
    • Monitoring.