Display the time or count down/count up time in seconds, minutes, hours and days using a wide range of analog, digital or master clocks. Some installations are particularly demanding in terms of security and continued service. In order to meet these specific requirements, we offer time stations and time servers with redundancy, operating 24/7 on the "hot plug" principle.  

The professional clock systems we provide can synchronize a diverse array of equipment via master clocks and high accuracy time servers achieving good time precision with various time sources (GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, NTP, PTP, IRIG-B/AFNOR NFS87500, 1PPS, NMEA message and DCF) and a large number of output signals (IRIG-B, ASCII messages, NTP, pulsed code, DHW, SMPTE, 1PPS and 10MHz) granting a nanosecond precision to UTC time.

High reliability master clock range provides the possibility to distribute a piece of identical time information to slave clocks in all areas of the same location, but also to synchronize computer network. The aim is to upgrade performances in terms of precision, stability, and reliability to reach unimaginable heights for commercial clocks, however, to also meet synchronising needs for all types of telecommunications networks with flexible technology and implementation.

High-precision time synchronization systems have multiple applications in industries such as airports, railways, metro lines, radio and television studios, hospitals, power stations, industry, safety…