Short Message Service Cell Broadcast (SMS-CB) allows simultaneous distribution of text messages and binary content to large number of subscribers of 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G networks based in a pre-defined territory (geo-fence)


In today's dynamic world early warning is delivered through all possible communication channels and SMS-CB is one of them. It fits as a perfect addition to already existing early warning systems, such as siren-warning systems.  Since cell broadcast is not affected by the traffic load on the mobile network and it is supported by all models of mobile phones it is ideal for emergency alerting to the population in particular territory. Using the common alerting protocol - CAP, SMS-CB is easy to integrate with already existing Siren Warning Systems Control Center equipment. 


Some of the Advantages of using SMS-CB for early warning are:


  • It has a unique and dedicated ringtone and vibration on every mobile phone;
  • Sending out a public warning message to a few or millions of people take less than 10 seconds;
  • It supports per CB-message a maximum message length of 1395 characters;
  • It supports multiple languages including Cyrillic; 
  • It is able to reach all mobile subscribers including roaming subscribers (in their own language);
  • It is not affected by mobile network congestion;
  • It is not affected by access class baring and or SIM class baring;
  • It is not affected by any data protection constraints as no personal data is required and used to deliver the message;
  • It can be used to address people present in an individual cell sector (<150m) or large polygons covering a complete city or country;
  • Messages can be updated as incident conditions change during an event at the end of an event an all-clear can be given.
  • SMS-CB system is easy to integrate to already existing siren warning control centres; 


In LTE networks this text only service has evolved into multimedia broadcasting (eMBMS) enabling sending and streaming of:


  • Video
  • Audio
  • Pictures
  • Files