The trendsetter in packet networks for the industry

The XTran product line is the trendsetter in packet networks for industry. It is based on the newest MPLS-TP standard (Multiprotocol Label Switching-Transport Profile) and caters for the specific requirements of industrial users.

An XTran network is built with nodes interconnected by fibre or copper with no limitations on the physical network topology. The nodes are fanless, DIN or 19 inch mountable and comply with the toughest environmental specifications. An extensive set of interfaces is available to connect any device in the field. The layer 3 protocol suite allows seamless interworking with IP based networks.


MPLS-TP: the paradox resolved

Packet networks have led to an explosion of data traffic and have changed the daily life of consumers, households and office workers. Virtually any information is now available at your fingertips. No matter what type of data or how big the file size, the packet networks deliver it fast and accurate to any device. But there were some inherent flaws to the initial technology, flaws that didn't matter to the majority of users but did bother the industrial users. Real-time data, deterministic traffic, instantaneous reconfigurations: ouch!

With the release of MPLS-TP standard (Multi Protocol Label Switching - Transport Profile), the IETF and ITU-T have resolved the paradox. MPLS-TP offers QoS that deals with real-time data, end-to-end OA&M (Operation, Administration and Management) and protection switching. Exactly what the industrial users had been waiting for.


TXCare: Network management is King

TXCare is the OA&M software that comes with the XTran hardware. Unlike the traditional CLI (Command Line Interface), TXCare is an intuitive, graphical interface for the network administrator. Changes to the network can be done in real time without affecting other users. New network designs can be prepared off-line as well. The administrator is guided by wizards in order to come up with the optimal solution.

Network failures are detected, diagnosed and repaired automatically if possible. Event logs and audit trails are available to perform in-depth investigations. Multi-functional views of the physical network, the programmed tunnels and its individual services are retrieved by a single mouse click. Special attention was paid to security aspects and redundancy features of TXCare.



  • Tailored for industrial applications - Built on MPLS-TP standard. Sector specific requirements. Future-proof;
  • Intuitive and simple - NMS made easy. Fast diagnostics. Seamless support for legacy.
  • Reliable operations in harsh environments - Optimized network security. Unmatched network resilience. Rugged industrial design;