MiCollab Audio, Web & Video Conferencing

Get audio conferencing, video conferencing and collaboration all in one application. Easily enhance any meeting with real-time file and screen sharing, review and collaboration on top of voice and video.

Multi-point video conferencing

Multi-point video conferencing Build stronger, more effective working relationships amongst geographically-dispersed terms with the power of video. Plus, with MiCollab, workers don’t need formal video conferencing equipment like conference phones and room cameras—just standard PC webcams.

Web-based collaboration software

Participants can use standard web browsers to stream meeting audio, view the meeting leader’s shared desktop, and virtually raise hands or give thumbs up / thumbs down. Mobile and external participants don’t need to download extra client applications onto their devices to participate.

Hold scheduled and ad-hoc conferences

Initiate a variety of meetings types, from scheduled calls (one-time or recurring), to ad-hoc sessions. Participants can call in to join a conference, or have MiCollab call them, simplifying the process and providing greater convenience.

We offer:

  • Delivery
  • Installation and maintenance of Mitel Conference and Collaboration Solutions

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