In-vehicle systems are designed to increase the passenger safety and to send immediate and correct information to the rescue teams in case of emergency. In 2015, the EU passed a law that required automobile manufacturers to equip all new cars with eCall, a European initiative that assists motorists in the case of a collision. The same devices should be installed in already manufactured cars to increase the safety of passengers. Together with our partners we have developed a eCall in-vehicle device that is suitable both for car manufacturers as well as installation in already manufactured cars.

The device is suitable to be used by:

  • Vehicle manufacturers;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Individuals or companies wishing to equip already manufactured cars with eCall functionality;

In Vehicle Device (IVS) main features:

  • Perform automatic and manual eCalls; 
  • Collect inertial data and send to server; 
  • Alert for upcoming administrative duties deadlines;
  • Record new POIs;
  • Alert for approaching recorded POIs; 
  • Track vehicle movement and send data to server;
  • “Big box” – contains all important modules; hidden in a secure location in the car;
  • Tamper control;
  • “Small box” – only driver interface modules: buttons, speaker, microphone, visual indication; small and comfortable to use without interfering with driving;
  • Hardware provisions: Swiss GSM and GPS modems, battery backup, inertial system, SD card memory, USB connection to PC;

More details:

  • eCall + IEEE1616: The IVS performs manual and automated eCalls. In addition IVS collects data using its inboard inertial system implemented IEEE1616 standard for crash triggering;
  • Broad spectrum database: The server implements a vehicle database, allowing for a broad range of information to be recorded;
  • Near real-time vehicle tracking and fleet management: The system allows tracking of vehicle positions using the IVS’ GPS modem and GPRS data connection;
  • Point-Of-Interest management: With a dedicated button the driver can record POIs of the current car position. When nearing the recorded points later on he will be alerted by the IVS;
  • Administrative duties alerting: The database holds records of the motor vehicle tax, annual technical inspection, liability insurance, etc.The server signals the car’s IVS for a deadline for a specific administrative duty;
  • Custom cryptographic algorithm
    The most vulnerable data in the system is protected by using a state of the art patent pending cryptographic algorithm called IDA. 


Other planned functionality includes: 

  • Assisting police by traffic lights sensoring and 3D reconstruction of the accidents;
  • Assisting the rescue forces by identifying dangerous goods state tracking and digital medical record;
  • Assisting insurance companies with expensive cargo state tracking;
  • Assisting the vehicle owners with GPS dead reckoning in underground locations, security features such as geo-fencing, silent alarm etc., "black" box recording and tachograph information, extended and multi-profile power management, extended functionality, based on CAN interface for connection to other vehicle subsystems and expansion devices with customised functionality, RFID real time vehicle parameters reporting, in-vehicle wireless internet access and IDA algorithm;