With more than 20 years of expertise our well trained engineers are your trusted advisor through all of the phases associated with public siren warning system: needs assessment, planning, installation, testing and commissioning. We are full-service provider for the entire life cycle of your siren warning system, including warranty, maintenance and support service.

All our specialists have completed courses in the educational centres of Hörmann GmbH in Kirchseeon, Germany and hold certificates for:

  • Sales and marketing of siren warnings systems;
  • Design of siren warning system;
  • Project management for implementation of siren warning systems;
  • Installation of siren warning systems;
  • Commissioning of siren warning systems;
  • Maintenance of siren warning systems;


Areas of expertise include: 

  • Consulting in regards to siren warning systems;
  • Design of siren warning systems; 
    • Site survey;
    • Site planning; 
    • Noise level measurement for selected sites;
    • Preliminary measurement of radio coverage; 
    • Acoustic planning including sound propagation modelling with specialised software; 
    • Radio planning (VHF/UHF radio, TETRA, DMR etc.)
    • Siren site acquisition; 
    • Siren site legalisation;
  • Delivery of specialised siren warning equipment and software; 
  • Construction of siren warning sites;
  • Installation of sirens with different output power; 
  • Installation of specialised Control Center Software (CCCS);
  • Commissioning of siren warning systems; 
  • Sound (acoustic) level measurement with sound level measurement tools of already established siren warning systems;