Video Surveillance solutions intelligently manage video content and stores from IP and analog cameras and deliver content to multiple user platforms such as mobile devices and web browsers. Video surveillance can be performed not only in real-time but also recorded for later viewing. It offers various other benefits, such as prevention of vandalism, tracing of offenders, the detection of criminal offenses, documentation of security-related events, monitoring of open-air grounds, and reduction of accidents. It can be also used for regulation and control aims such as traffic regulation, production control, and quality assurance. Video monitoring not only provides security but enables businesses to lower operating costs and increase productivity. 

We offer design delivery and installation of video surveillance systems with the wide application:

  • Administrative and public buildings;
  • Bank offices and safety vaults;
  • Technical buildings;
  • Housing, vacation and tourist estates;
  • Health centers;
  • Transport facilities; 
  • Parking lots and garages;
  • Others. 

We provide support and maintenance for every realized project. We can find a solution which can satisfy fully all clients’ needs and requirements.