System integration is one of the most challenging processes for every organisation, while going through the different stages in developing their business. During those different development phases, different needs and requirements arise, which bring CTOs and other responsible people to the challenge of selecting different hardware and software tools that will help the business to continue its organic growth, optimise and automate the processes, which may otherwise be the bottleneck of producing more. However while expanding usually organisations acquire different hardware and software case by case and only components that they actually need at the moment in order to reduce costs of implementation and operations. Unfortunately this only seems to be the cheaper option and with time, problems start to add up making the processes within the organisation quiet usually very unproductive and inaccurate as well as very time-consuming to execute. Since for most organisations the integration between already existing system components may seem very challenging and expensive, they usually prefer to switch to entirely new solution, which yet again may result in slow down of the everyday business processes because of required training, great efforts in transferring existing data, that is usually differently formatted into the new systems and others. 


This is where experienced system integrator companies can help save time, money, valuable data and human resources. Although it may seem a challenging process, integrating already existing sub-systems from different vendors and make them work as one expands the life of systems to which organisations have already invested a substantial amount of money and time, decreases the time required to start operations as staff is already trained, ensures that already existing data is safe and ensures seamless data connectivity that enables you to better analyse business processes. System integration is a great solution, when your business has grown to the stage that working on multiple independent platforms or sub-systems becomes a bottleneck itself and when potential downtime for system swap is critical. 


As one of the leading system integrators in Eastern Europe with more than 30 years of experience in different small, medium and large scale system integration projects in Bulgaria and the region, our strength is in finding the right solution to integrate your legacy systems in-between or with your newly introduced. When selecting a solution for your current needs our team of professional system integration engineers is always auditing and taking into account what you already have in the house for the purpose of maximum optimisation of your costs and extending the life of already existing systems that will be integrated into a common working system. The process of improving workflow is essential for any business' success and we can help you achieve your goals, no matter how complicated the development process may be. Our main goal is to have a fully working and well performing, fully integrated solution with minimum cost for operations and maintenance.


As an experienced system integrator, our team of professional system integration engineers will go through the following important steps together with you, to assure the successful outcome:


  • Gathering of all necessary information for legacy systems and business processes;
  • Careful analysis of the collected information; 
  • Introducing a system architecture and system integration design;
  • Carefully planned implementation of the system integration design following a pre-defined step-by-step action plan that will not affect your day to day business; 
  • Extensive testing and performance analysis of the already integrated system;
  • Provide a clear maintenance and update plan in order to further improve the integrated system and provide a non interruptible working process;


We are your trusted advisor in system integration in Bulgaria and the region.