In emergency situations, it is vital to act fast. Most of the time, people react irrational, too fast and incorrect in stressful situations. It is therefore good to implement an automatic alarm system that monitors and steers predefined processes.

The digital alarm and communication server is an alarm server system that alarms, informs and mobilizes employees in emergency situations. Via text-to-voice announcements, text and multimedia messages, telephone conferences, group calls, and many other functions, the DAKS is a perfect add-on to your PBX. The alarm system is directly attached to the PBX via a VoIP connection.

The following products can be used:

  • DAKS-ECO 100
  • DAKS-ECO 200
  • DAKS-PRO 100
  • DAKS-PRO 300
  • Upgradeable older systems

The alarm system is at the customer's location "on-premise" (locally implemented and administered). This allows for easy implementation of contact interfaces. In emergency situations, a predefined emergency scenario can be automatically followed.

The scenario can be, 

… an emergency conference 
… disturbing current connections to enable the participant to access the emergency conference 
… disturbing current redirections to enable the persons to access the emergency conference 
… activating sirens, announcements and warning lights 
… following a predefined emergency plan via automatic alarms 
… broadcast calls
… activating a crisis team
There are different reasons for an emergency,

… in the hospital for patients 
… through voluntary or involuntary alarms 
… in the industry when machines stop working 
… in offices for events with high outreach and fast development (chemical accident, floods, etc) 
… in Schulen, Kindergärten durch Geiselnahme
… catastrophes
… over regional crisis management and its coordination 
Supporting day-to-day work processes, 

… service orders in hotels 
… automatic control of blinds or air conditioning 
… parallel calls with many devices 
… distribution of information
Alarms have to be receipted to ensure guaranteed availability and sending of the emergency. All processes are saved as log files. All emergency processes are therefore transparent.