The definition of forest fire is an uncontrolled fire occurring in vegetation more than 1.8 m in height. These fires often reach the proportions of a major conflagration and are sometimes begun by combustion and heat from surface and ground fires, especially in the last decade since the temperatures started to rise. Prevention and early reaction are of critical importance for reducing the social and environmental impact of such fires. Together with our partners and our well-trained specialists, we provide fully integrated solutions for forest fire prevention in remote, wide areas with uneven terrain. 

Areas of expertise include: 

  • Consulting in regards to integrated forest fire prevention systems;
  • Design of integrated forest fire prevention systems; 
    • Site survey;
    • Site planning; 
    • Communication planning (wired or wireless);
    • Site acquisition; 
    • Site legalisation;
  • Delivery of specialised forest fire prevention equipment and software; 
  • Construction of forest fire prevention warning sites;
  • Installation of thermal cameras and other required equipment; 
  • Installation of specialised Control Center Software for fire prevention systems;
  • Commissioning of forest fire prevention system; 
  • Maintenance of forest fire prevention system;
  • Software support forest fire prevention system;