Large-scale systems are nationwide or major urban area siren warning systems. In general, these systems are comprised of more than 100 sirens. These systems have a control centre network structure, including main- and sub-control centres and are often integrated into complex civil defense and disaster prevention network architectures. The digital electronic sirens are qualified to meet the requirements of effective and reliable public warning and notification.

The large-scale systems are operated and monitored via PC-based and server-supported control centres using HÖRMANN's CCCS siren control software with state-of-the-art web-based GIS technology.

We provide the necessary infrastructure for controlling and monitoring both hard-wired and radio-based siren systems. Our product spectrum ranges from simple talk-through repeater base stations to intelligent base stations. These components allow for the easy, transparent configuration of complex network infrastructures that can be operated autonomously.

Such a large-scale system is the Nationwide Siren Warning System (NSEWA), which since 2008 is in operation and control by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria. The system currently covers 35 % of the population in 11 regional cities and the 30 km zone around the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Kozloduy.

As an authorised partner for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia, we are offering solutions for early warning systems based on the technology of the world-leading manufacturer - Hoermann GmbH.