D-ECN - Digital Electronic Sirens

The Digital ECN electronic sirens are high-performance sirens which main objective is to work when nothing else does. These sirens are available in various audibility ranges, assuring that siren warning solution has the size and coverage that best suits the needs of the organisation it serves, without any restrictions on technology or functionality.


ECN-D siren types 

Acoustic Features

  • Omni-directional or directional sound propagation
  • Up to 10 customised alert signals can be programmed
  • Voice/text announcements – pre-recorded text messages and/or live voice messages via microphone
  • Extremely high dB/W sound pressure level


  • Remote activation via radio // wire // GSM // RDS/WARI
  • Local activation // Test // Silent Test
  • Integrated, fully automatic self-testing capability – BITE (Built-In Test Equipment)

Operating Types

  • Local activation
  • Remote activation
  • Activation via a remote control panel
  • Voice announcements

Technical Data

  • Power supply 230V, 50Hz / 110V, 60Hz – optional solar panel powered
  • Integrated batteries allow operation independent of mains power
  • Local operating unit, including an LCD display and foil keypad
  • Control unit with embedded ARM7 processor
  • RTX real-time, multi-tasking operating system
  • Free RS232 interfaces allow connection of external terminal devices such as sensors
  • Free digital I/O

Mechanical Data

  • 19" Europe map-based display technology ensures low maintenance and easy system expansion
  • No moving parts such as fans or hard disks
  • Siren cabinet available for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Siren head made of weatherproof aluminum allows for flexible configuration
  • Special solutions for operation in extreme ambient temperatures