• Equipment Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis ;
  • Infrared cameras for detailed inspections;
  • Thermal imagind data processing and analysis.

Thermography Applications?

  • Open and closed installations for HV, MV and LV, overhead power lines, transformers, electric drives
  • LV electrical panels, DC installations, emergency power supply and batteries
  • Steam boilers, heating systems, heat exchangers, fluid or sediment levels in pressure vessels and tanks, air conditioning systems
  • Turbines, pumps, compressors, leackinge and blockage detection in pipes, valves, hydraulics, pneumatics
  • Mechanical drives, conveyor belts, gearboxes, bearings, couplings
  • Diesel machines such as diesel generators.
  • Buildings - insulation, equipment and installations

Risk evaluation through infrared thermography:

  • Early detection and evaluation of faults and damages, as well as  maintenance gaps;
  • Risk assesment and achieveng optimal operating conditions;
  • Thermography - Repeatability and Reliability of Data for further analysis;
  • Thermographic expertise in repairs