We work to provide dependable communications to our customers. As one of the most trusted experts in microwave networking, ITA provides microwave backhaul networking solutions to service providers and private/public network operators including state/local government and utility companies. We believe every client has different needs, and we design each system to meet them. 

Microwave backhaul allows the transfer of voice, video, and data between distributed sites via radio link, which is a scalable and economical solution compared to leased line or fiber optics. Easy to set up and easy to deploy microwave backhaul is suitable for all types of customers. 

Some of the key advantages of microwave radio technology include:

  • The shortest path between sites;
  • L2/L3 integrated functionalities;
  • Fast deployment of the network;
  • Scalable nodal solution;
  • Up to 10 Gbps speed; 
  • Encryption of the traffic; 
  • SDN native - facilitating 5G and end-to-end service enablement;
  • Terrain independent;
  • Synchronization distribution;

We can provide a solution both in the license and unlicensed frequency bands based on the customer needs and requirements.