Our expertise in meeting your requirements, whether for entire infrastructures or securely shared installations, is underpinned by:

  • Custom & Specialized Hosting;
  • Virtual server infrastructure;
  • Software as a service;
  • Restore after the collapse;
  • Cloud backup;
  • Reliable Online backup;
  • Data Center Group Management;
  • Personal stations, hosting in the cloud;
  • Business telephony;
  • Hosting of Call and/or Contact center;
  • Hosting of Microsoft SharePoint services, Exchange Server e-mail;
  • Hosting of domain and video surveillance services.

In the time of adaptation we will complete the following:

  • Mechanical part - climatization, ventilation, a system for pressure regulation;
  • Electrical part-provision of enough power supply for uninterruptable system work;
  • Security and protection - fire detection and prevention, access control, other needed solutions.