We provide high-performance solutions for queue management, reception management, appointments and video communication for waiting rooms.

We are focused on integrating an advanced queue management solutions to improve the customer flow and give your reception a modern and dynamic image for those who need to manage multiple sites in a centralized way. These powerful customer flow management solution allows you to allocate resources according to demand based on real-time monitoring of the activity of your reception which makes the queue management system an efficient tool for reception improvement, resources optimization and decision making.

We are always trying to cover the diverse requirements of the market, so for those who wants to manage their reception easily and without any deployment we offer simple and efficient queue management web solution, which can be integrated into an electronic box without the need of computer server. It’s easy to install, scalable and powerful tool that provides management and supervision of the queues and workstations on a single screen through a simple browser.

The solutions we offer are designed to adapt to all organizations like governmental agencies, airports, banks, stores, clinics, municipalities, train stations, hospitals, retail stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and other.