Fast and effective detection is a key factor in forest fire fighting. To avoid uncontrollable wide spreading of forest fires it is necessary to detect fires in an early stage and to prevent the propagation. An integrated approach for forest fire detection and suppression is based on an automated system specially designed for surveillance, automatic detection and monitoring of fires in the forest environment.

Key aspects of the system:

  • Early fire detection
  • 24/7 real-time analysis
  • Uses thermographic functions, based on specially elaborated cameras, which grants greater efficiency;
  • Provides great efficiency in hilly, mountain and alpine conditions;
  • Specifies the location of the wildfire using a laser range finder.
  • Suppress non-fire effects, like particles in the air, sun reflections, vehicles, birds in flight, etc. in order to minimize the number of alarm situations but still assuring high reliability.
  • Operational control system

Forest Fire Prevention System can effectively assist firefighters to handle a fire crisis.