Analogue train-radio communication system 


As a part of our research and development, together with our partners we have developed a train-radio communication system based on the requirements and specifications of our customer - Metropolitan EAD Sofia. The system is currently in use in Metro Diameter I and Metro Diameter II of the Sofia underground. This system 


It comprises of:

  • Dispatch command & control center for MD I and MD II; 
  • Each train is equipped with train radio communication unit, which is fully redundant;
  • Mobile radios, which are used by station and maintenance staff;  
  • Different redundant channels for different users;

The system is intended for the use of: 

  • Train operators;
  • Dispatchers at command & control centre;
  • Fire-brigade and emergency services; 
  • Police and special forces; 
  • Maintenance and operational staff;

This system is suitable for use by any kind of transportation operator, such as:

  • Underground services;
  • Railway services;
  • Tramway services; 
  • Trolleybus services;
  • Tunnel operators; 


Analogue to Digital train-radio communication system 


As a part of our further development, the system is now being digitalized, meaning that it can provide further services to our customers. 


The services which are now available, include:

  • Passenger information services; 
  • Advertising services; 
  • Passenger Wi-Fi access on-board of trains; 
  • Broadband access for the train operator to:
    • View onboard cameras in real-time;
    • Train operator can receive real-time video & information from next station before arrival;
    • Send automatic statistical or maintenance information to the control & command centre;
  • Automatic-train operation (CBTC);